With each passing day
the words or images I try to read or see
become more blurred or fuzzy
depending on the two.

I can take some consolation
that my reading glasses
are always within arm’s reach
and will add a bit of clarity to an otherwise clouded vision.

With each passing day
my memories become more distant
and try as I might to recall them
they seem to fade or bend with the passage of time.

My trusty reading glasses
offer no consolation for this
and facts somehow turn into fiction
and there’s little comfort in that.

With each passing day
I begin to wonder a bit more and more
if my future is brighter than my past
and can’t seem to find any answers.

I wish someone would invent
a pair of reading glasses or a crystal ball in reverse
that would show me the past the way it really was
and not in the way my mind recalls it.

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