A genre of writing from The Canterbury Tales thought of as "naughty tales". Usually, fabliaux writing is either sexual or derides someone that Chaucer wasn't on liking terms with. Comical, cynical, bitter tales. My favorite was one about a woman cheating on her husband. There was an Oxford student who was attracted to her, and they both knew it, and so, in order to be alone, the student conjured a plan. He told the husband that there was going to be a flood and that the best thing to do was to hang 3 bathtubs from the ceiling and sleep in them. The student and the wife snuck down and were having wild hot sex, when there was a knock at the window. It was another man who was attracted to the wife. The wife found this funny, and scoffed the outside admirer. So she stuck her butt out the window and he kissed it thinking it was her face. The student also did this but the admirer was prepared this time and had a branding iron and branded his ass. The student, in pain, screamed, "WATER! WATER!" The husband, who was asleep in the bathtub, heard water, and cut the ropes on his bathtub (thinking there was a flood because people were screaming water) and plummeted to the floor. Great story.

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