that'd be mcdonald's.

'well, gee, i could cook myself a nice steak or some penne pasta with chicken or some artichokes or.. (drool, slobber) ..damn! now i'm all hungry. and by the time i cook all that it'll be, like, even later than it is now. (rumble, rumble) oh, the humanity! ought i to ignore my hunger in pursuit of the fine and scrumptious meal i could prepare, also saving myself money and ensuring that i am not malnourished, having gotten my daily quota of vitamins and minerals? or should i go to mcdonald's? it is, after all, 29¢ hamburger day.. and i don't want to miss 'friends' because i'm in the kitchen cooking.. and my life is hard, i need a break.. yeah. yeah. mcdonald's sounds good. i'll cook tomorrow night.'

note that i'm saying nothing bad about people who eat at mcdonald's. my personal favorite is taco bell, but corndog, chilidog. no, the blame lies with the people who make it so damned appealing to be lazy in the first place.

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