This is a tasty treat that's quick and easy to make and pretty good at any time of the day/night (but usually served for brekafast).

  • 1 Burrito shell/wrap
  • 1 egg (2 if your burrito shell is big enough to accomodate)
  • ~2 Tsp. Salsa

Place the burrito shell on a plate and set it aside. Then heat your burner up and scramble your egg(s). When done with this, place the egg on the burrito shell and then add salsa liberally (2 table spoons should be enough for most, but depending on your tastes you may want more or less). Fold the burrito shell (first the bottom, then the left and right sides), and enjoy your scrumtious snack. All in all this should take roughly 3 minutes to make, including cleanup time on the pan. Enjoy!

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Adding any of the following optional ingredients takes longer, but provides a tastier culinary experience:

A friend of mine also recommends canned cat food, but I cannot personally endorse this.

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