Dyshidrosis Lamellosa Sicca is an ailment of the skin, related to eczema, which is manifested through tender spots, normally on palms and soles of feet. These blisters, which are usually either slightly elevated or flush with the skin, are red in color and will usually itch something fierce as well as giving the unfortunate sufferer a general feeling of tenderness... the bad kind of tenderness.
With time, the blisters will usually burst and cause the skin to peel, often accompanied by a the drainage of a clear liquid.

The cause of this skin condition is not currently known with certainty. It was at first thought to be caused by sweat retention, then by contact with cleaning products such as soap, shampoo and other cleaners and detergents. The current theory is that, although the aforementioned are likely to exacerbate this condition, the real cause of dyshidrosis outbreaks is likely to be stress, anxiety and frustration. The condition is also said to be more common among people who exhibit excessive sweating on the affected areas.

This condition is a real pain in the ass and if anyone who reads this is afflicted by it, please know that I feel your pain for there is currently no cure for it. Many people will find that the application of a topical steroid cream will help to speed up recovery, but some will not.
Other ways to treat dyshidrosis include wearing cotton socks and leather-soled shoes, wearing heavy-duty, cotton lined vinyl gloves and getting psychotherapy or counseling to learn to cope with stress more effectively.

It is suggested that you see a doctor if: you show signs of infection, symptoms don't improve after one week despite treatment or improvement begins and then symptoms recur.

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