Pachyuromys duprasis!

This small insectivorous rodent from the northern Sahara desert measures 3-4" in length, with a short (2") but thick tail in which excess fat and water is stored, leading to the duprasi's embarrassing high school nickname of "Fat Tail Gerbil."

Aforementioned tail is mostly bare, with a few guard hairs. Duprasi have a very soft and fluffy coat, similar in texture to that of a Chinchilla. They range from tan to grey with black bits and a white underbelly. They are chunky in build with a lot of fat on the body, this with the puffy fur makes them appear larger than they are. Kids can be so cruel. The snout is kinda pointy with cat-like whiskers.

The fat-tail thing aids in their survival in the arid North Sahara regions of Egypt and Morocco, where they live in the dry plains with only patches of bushy vegetation.

Male duprasi have scent glands on their bellies and engage in scenting their territory by stretching out and rubbing on the ground. Unlike mouse urine marking and Mongolian gerbil hormonal scenting, duprasi scent markings don't seem to be discernable to people, yay!

Fucking looks a lot like fighting.
During mating, the male chases the female around, attempting to sniff her underside (throat and front as well as special naughty bits) and she generally resists and squeaks in a way that sounds like a distress call. Eventually, the male will either give up or the female will give in. No blood or actual biting should occur, but a little wrestling and boxing seems to be normal.

But what do they eat, Auntie Jessie?

Meal worms, hedgehog food(?), sunflower seeds, cheerios, bugs, green stuff gives em the poops.

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