Dupioni is a style of silk fabric which is often woven from two different colors of thread. This results in a beautiful sheen, and in fabric that appears to be a different color when viewed at different angles. The warp in silk dupioni is a relatively consistent thread, but the weft is an irregular, rough silk fiber, which gives the finished fabric a nubby texture.

Dupioni is usually marked dry clean only, but if you buy fabric to sew with and wash it before you cut any pieces, you will end up with a garment that can be washed in the washing machine. Washing it will make it drape a little better, which I like; dupioni that has only been dry-cleaned is a bit on the stiff side.

The nubby texture that vivid refers to is usually called slubbing; one can also say that the silk has slub. It is a characteristic of various kinds of silk, including dubioni and shantung. Much Thai silk also has the characteristics so ably described by vivid.

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