Dudes is a 1987 film by Penelope Spheeris, of Wayne's World and The Decline of Western Civilization fame. It's a very 80s version of the road trip genre; three New York City punks head for L.A. in a V.W. Bug. Nearly there, they're set upon and one is murdered by a group of thrillseeking rednecks. The two surviving punks (played by Jon Cryer and Daniel Roebuck) set off in pursuit when no one will believe their story. After nearly being killed by the men they're chasing, they have epiphanies and assume their Wild West personas: Cryer's character sleeps with Catherine Mary Stewart and morphs into a cowboy under the tutelage of an imaginary cowpoke named Witherspoon, who looks like the Marlboro Man. Biscuit (Daniel Roebuck), on the other hand, dreams of a past life as a Native American warrior. When they awaken, they don appropriate costumes, weapons, and a massive pink Cadillac convertible with horns on the front, and set off to find their destiny in smoke and thunder.

Worth it just for the morning scene of the two of them walking in slo-mo down the highway towards the viewer as they assume their new identities and are headed to pick up the car. The tune playing at the time is 'Rock 'N Roll Outlaw' by Keel.

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