A slogan of the super awesome programs that my school had in grade school to apparently stop kids from using drugs. In conjunction with the infamous DARE program, we had "red ribbon week" in which you'd wear a red ribbon all week to say that you wouldn't do drugs. You'd sign a drug free pledge, you'd sing a drug free song, it was fucking indoctrination on the worst possible level!! When it was 1990, I signed a petition for a "Drug-Free Decade." In 5th grade, the whole school formed a big "Just Say No" on the practice field and the newspaper took a picture of it. Yes, when I was ten years old, I totally knew that drugs were way uncool. The most ironic part about this whole thing is that one of my best friends won an essay contest back in the day about why he would never do drugs and read it aloud in front of the whole school. This boy is the biggest pot fiend I have ever met in my life.

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