This is an attempt to drink all of the alcohol in a pub. Attempts are often made to do this by students and rugby players. It is another one of those things not for the faint hearted. Or the faint gutted.

Often attempted with a free bar!

This was a traditional (well for at least 6 or 7 years before a name change to The Long Good Friday) end of term night held at all of the Union and Hall bars at Cardiff University. All of the prices are dropped so as to get rid of all the alcohol in the place, and to get all of the student body as inebriated as possible, hardly a challenge but we never minded. I think it started being held on one night of the year, just before the 3 month summer break, so that the beer the University had didn't go off, rendering it undrinkable (terribly wasteful), but has now spread to every semesters' final night.

The bar used to open at 11am and the hardcore drinkers piled in, most of them skiving their last days lectures to attend. Those with DTBD experience paced themselves, sitting on the dance floor surrounding themselves with empty plastic pint glasses. Those who were still a little wet behind the ears drank as fast as possible for fear of the beer running out (not really possible as the Union now order more ale in for these events), leading to mass chundering, a general aroma of vomit permeating everything in the bar, and a gents toilet modelled on one of Dantes Circles of Hell. The stench was disgusting, and must have put many a late starter off, but even though you knew the ambience wasn't at its best, people would still queue up for several hours to get inside.

The bar shut at 1am, and then the fumigators moved in to clear the debris and sterilise the place

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