Doob Tube
A Doob Tube is a device cleverly designed to conceal the smell of marijuana smoke. It generally consists of a toilet-paper roll filled with something to filter the smoke and/or add a smell to it. The best filler for a doob tube is dryer-sheets, preferably name-brand dryer sheets. Cheap generic dryer-sheets are to be used with caution. A number of stoners find success with the Downy brand.

Most commonly, stoners will employ this method to smoke in places where the usage of marijuana is forbidden, such as the house of one's parents or dorm rooms. To use the tube one simply takes a large hit out of a pipe (it should be noted that a doob tube is not much help when actually smoking a doobie, or blunt, due to the ambient smoke produced by such methods), and exhales through the open end (i.e., the end not covred by a dryer sheet) of the doob tube. The smoke resulting from proper exhalation through a well-constructed doob tube smells considerably less like marijuana.

When properly used, the doob tube can be an extremely effective way of preventing incidents involving authority figures who may not take kindly to your habits. It is important to remember to replace the dryer-sheets over time, as they will begin to lose their effectiveness. The doob tube is best used in conjunction with another method of smell prevention, such as incense or an open window. Some people have told me that they have found the tube to be utterly useless, while others have had great success with it. In order to ensure best results, I recommend using high-quality, name-brand, scented dryer sheets.

A Final Note:
Even equipped with only the finest tools of smell prevention known to modern stoners, you will want to be prepared for the ominous sound of a knock on your door and the voices of men in uniform. If some kind of authority figure has smelled the smoke of the devil's weed coming from your room, he will be in no mood for explanations. No. He will want Answers, and you will be in no condition to give them to him, what with your unsteady hands and eyes like unripe tomatoes. But these things happen, and there is not much any of us can do about it.
Call me when you get smart.

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