My girlfriend saw a take home pregnancy test in the bathroom trash at a local McDonalds. Deeply disturbing. The stories that must be behind the discarded piece of plastic. Imagine the young girl, I can only guess that she was very young, I doubt she was over 16, sitting in the bathroom stall, scared out of her wits. Maybe it was her first boyfriend, maybe it wasn't even a boyfriend at all. There was a pharmacy across the parking lot, she must have bought the test there and went right over to the bathroom in McDonalds, too scared that her parents would discover her secret if she took it home. I doubt she told the guy she'd missed her period, I can't imagine that a girl who takes her pregnancy test in the bathroom stall of a McDonalds was all that comfortable with her relationship.

My girlfriend told me that the test was negative. I wonder if the girl celebrated with one of those Shamrock Shakes? Damn, those things are tasty.

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