A lesson for dishwashing machine beginners: DO NOT use hand dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher (the dishwasher from this point forth referring to the machine that washes dishes, not the person). And in case anybody missed it the first time, DO NOT USE HAND DISHWASHING LIQUID IN THE DISHWASHER!

It was a peaceful Saturday morning and I was sitting at my desk in the apartment, MUDding or something on my computer when I hear my roommate scream, "OH MY GOD!" Deeply engrossed in whatever I was doing at the time, I responded with an unenthusiastic "What?"

Then I heard her shout, "How do I make it stop!?!" and decided that something was probably going on, so I stepped out of my room and noticed the dishwasher spewing suds from every orifice of its body (I'm still talking about the machine). This little thing with holes in it on the sink that sits next to the cold water knob (and the only thing that makes the sink asymmetrical) was also gushing forth with bubbles into the sink. I looked on with disbelief as the spewing and the gushing gradually subsided, as she had figured out how to turn off the dishwasher.

The kitchen was now flooded.

I ran around to some neighboring apartments, looking for any of our male friends who live in the building (since guys tend to be calmer during crisis situations and also because our friends had been apartment-dwellers for longer than we have). I found one and told him that my roommate had flooded the kitchen. He came over to our apartment and took one look at the kitchen and laughed, predicting that my roommate had used the wrong kind of dishwashing detergent, and telling us that he had done the same a couple years ago.

Apparently, the kind of dishwashing detergent you are supposed to use in a dishwasher DOES NOT SUD. This is different from the dishwashing liquid used for handwashing dishes, which DOES SUD.

I think they should place that kind of information in some size 500 font on the front of the washing machine.
Of course, if they had, our kitchen floor wouldn't be as sparkling clean as it is now.

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