An aid to reverse engineering.

In terms of software, a disassembly is an assembly language listing created by disassembler program and/or an eager hacker, engineer or hobbyist.

Here is an example of a disassembly from the disassembler included in the MSDOS DEBUG command:

0000:0306 0100          ADD     [BX+SI],AX
0000:0308 0000          ADD     [BX+SI],AL
0000:030A 52            PUSH    DX
0000:030B 27            DAA
0000:030C 93            XCHG    BX,AX
0000:030D 0000          ADD     [BX+SI],AL
0000:030F F0            LOCK
0000:0310 0000          ADD     [BX+SI],AL
0000:0312 2335          AND     SI,[DI]
0000:0314 0000          ADD     [BX+SI],AL
0000:0316 EE            OUT     DX,AL
0000:0317 0300          ADD     AX,[BX+SI]
0000:0319 002E0300      ADD     [0003],CH
0000:031D 00FF          ADD     BH,BH
0000:031F FF00          INC     WORD PTR [BX+SI]
0000:0321 00FF          ADD     BH,BH
0000:0323 FF00          INC     WORD PTR [BX+SI]
0000:0325 1101          ADC     [BX+DI],AX

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