He came to me, surprised and confused. This is the last place I thought I would be, he said. He understood that this could mean divorce, however, and seemed sincere.

She was sad, but serious. Explained her side, and tried to tell me (defend herself). This is not court, I said. She smiled, good, 'cause I would lose. She seemed depressed, but resigned to it. She listened to his version of what happened and did not defend herself against accusations. Is that true, I asked. Yes, yes it is.

From a distance they may have looked like two barges, passing each other in the river. But, on closer inspection it was clear that her path was steady and methodical, heading South. He was docked to shore, strong but implacable.

When she left, she left us both and he came to tell me of her departure, alone.
She's really gone, isn't she, he asked. I nodded my head. The fact that he needed to ask me at all spoke volumes.

I had wanted to ask her what her expectations were, now, for the future. But I sorta knew.


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