Come on, here we go again
Water fears and whiskey sin
A cup of soup and you're turning in
What happened yesterday?

Three foul calls--a fool's decline
Broken bread with blood red wine
A servant's questions to remind
Of faithless promises.

A different sort of calling out
We're here within--you died without
A sigh, a thought or single doubt
And left us four days dead.

The warning came -- it'll be today
The leaves turn red and fall away
It's feeling like a Saturday
This time is much too slow.

Well we've foreseen the winter long
We cried for help, we sang your songs
Of sleep-fed fears and Avalon
Pick-a-prayer, it's time to go.

I'd prefer a simple friend;
Weird and Being and Shall to tend
The mystery with a theme to end
A dangerous holiday.


...hey there strong willed misery
the devil's had his way with me
my idle hands, not listening
have failed us once again.

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