• Organization & Complexity - Organisms in order to be alive must have a level of organization, and contain a systematic and dependable method of assuming all 6 other traits of life

  • Consume Energy - Living Things must take in energy from their environment, change it, manipulate it, and use it to facilitate growth and reproduction. Metabolism.

  • Maintain Homeostasis - Regulate their bodies and other internal structures to certain normal parameters.

  • Respond to Stimuli - Environmental changes cause living things to react through behavior, metabolism, and physiological change.

  • Reproduce - Arguably, one of the more enjoyable aspects of life. Sexual or asexual, living things must make copies of themselves.

  • Growth - Growth involves the conversion of consumed materials into biomass, and reproduction.

  • Adapt to Environment - Occuring over generations, life must adapt through changes in it's environment

Used by some to distinguish life from that considered inorganic, such as fire, or a virus.

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