A type of Chinese sword, sometimes called a broadsword, scimitar or sabre, though it's a bit different from the canonical version of any of these. A typical darn dao has a slightly curved hilt, usually curved downward and opposite the curve of the blade. The blade itself is straight-backed and single-edged, with the last decimeter or so flaring somewhat upward, like a less extreme version of the European falchion, Indian tulwar or Roman falcata. The edge of the blade curves outward, with the curve most pronounced near the tip. Due to its design, it's mostly intended for slashes and chops, but thrusts are possible.

Most darn dao are strictly one-handed weapons, often with a decorative tassel affixed to the pommel. Some, however, have a larger hand-and-a-half hilt similar to that of a katana or bastard sword and can be used with two hands as well.

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