"Eric has a cushy little number there, he takes about a dozen calls a day from lusers with Word formatting problems, and spends the rest of the day drinking Coke, playing Nethack and chatting on ICQ" - overheard

The word "cushy" means easy, unchallenging, with few demands. For many people, it is their ultimate goal, finding a job or lifestyle well within their comfort zone of workload, with suitable pleasant diversions. It is also frequently associated with high salaries and perks.

The word is believed by many to have entered the language when British soldiers returned from India, being derived from the Hindi word khushi (ख़ुशी), having the meaning of being contented or comfortable. As is so often the case with etymologists, many sources doubt this, pointing to the French "couchée" (lying down), and originating in the European theatre of World War I.

I have also heard this pronounced "cushty", notably by Del Boy of Only Fools and Horses fame. The origins of this word again go back to India, where a posting to Cushtabar was allegedly an easy and desirable fate.

Merriam-Webster dictionary

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