What i do at work when we run out of ethernet cables that connect computers to our servers. A semi tedious activity that fills my heart with ennui, sitting here sorting wires, slipping them into plastic connector ends and using a crimper to push metal contacts into the 8 seperate solid and stripes.(Here, we don't buy brand name ones, such as Belkin, from the Future Shop or other similar electronics superstore)

The order of wires is simple once you've made a few of these RJ-45 cables:

  • White Green
  • Green
  • White Orange
  • Blue
  • White Blue
  • Orange
  • White Brown
  • Brown

  • This makes a non-crossover cable ready to plug from your NIC to your hub! Fun eh?, now you too can crimp with the best of them, (and i'm not referring to hair-styles!)

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