Manufacturer of many high-quality computer based components and peripherals such as USB cables, switch boxes, Cat5 cables and such. High quality and a suggested purchase if you ever need something. One of the only name-brand large scale computer part or component manufacturers. Very reliable, and available through many online and retail vendors.
Great stuff for geeks who need to hook their toys up better.
In late 2003, Slashdot reported that a Belkin engineer had come clean on USENET about a "fault" in Belkin routers. Some of the routers hijacked a random HTTP request and directed said request to a signup page for a parental control service. It was said that this could be turned off in router setup, but the nerd news community were outraged anyway.

The general arguments were that a router that doesn't route random packets properly isn't a router and is generally considered faulty. The sane people, who reminded others that this could be turned off before even once seeing a signup screen, were swiftly drowned out by the crowd-following slashbots trumpeting their own personal boycott of Belkin, having found a new anti-something bandwagon to hop on.

Sigh, net users...

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