A craft bazaar is a bazaar where homemade, handcrafted items are sold. Often, craft bazaars are used as fund raising tools for churches and non-profit organizations.

The secret of success for a vender in a craft bazaar is to find a product that appeals to chicks. Chicks dig small shiny things. This fascination with small shiny things may be derived from our hunter-gatherer past when women spent much of their time gathering berries. On the other hand, perhaps such notions are male chauvinist ranting at its worst.

In any case, it is true that small shiny things sell very well at craft bazaars. It is also true that unique items are highly prized. If most booths at most bazaars are selling personalized pendants this year, personalized pendants won't sell well. This is not cause for alarm. If you have a large stock of personalized pendants, just put them away for a few years.

Crafters are always rushing to get in on the latest craze. This mania is exactly what kills the crazes, but fear not. The holiday season following the glut is generally very dry. Frustrated crafters have discarded their stock. A few seasons after that and the gullible old ladies will again be buying up personalized pendants.

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