Cow racing is a pretty good example of what people will do for entertainment. Now, most people have probably seen a cow or two in their days. But think about it, what was the cow doing when you saw it? Odds are, it was standing around looking stupid. It most definately was not moving fast. Yes, the reality is, cows are not built to move fast.

This is what makes the concept of cow racing so oddly stupid. Why in the world would anyone race a cow? They are lazy, stupid, slow animals. They are not easily motivated to move, even when threatened with physical harm. You're probably wondering, who in the world could come up with such a concept? The answer, one Pete Ondrus of Ithaca, Michigan.

Apparently, Pete had a bit too much free time, and a few too many cows. Pete was shocked to learn that the Guinness Book of Records had no entry for the fastest cow. Amazing, isn't it? So he formed the Mid-Michigan Cow Racing Association with his wife. The plan was to hold an official race during the summer of 2000 to determine the World's Fastest Cow. "Maybe we will even get cowboys from Montana coming who think they have the fastest cow." Maybe, Pete, just maybe.

You may have seen this featured on the Daily Show on Comedy Central. If not, try to catch it on reruns sometime. The image of a cow lazily stumbling along while a rider urges her on is something that you will not forget soon. At the time the show aired (late may I believe), there were no entrants into the race other than Pete and his wife. The race was held June 21, but alas, the website has not been updated with the results. Perhaps some of our Michigan Everythingians can update on the results of the race, I'm sure it was quite a spectacle to behold.


I recently saw a snippet on the outcome on TV. Apparently the race was won by a professor who used a research cow that was used to test the effects of extensive excercise on dairy cows. The clips from the race were absolutely hilarious. It is now my life goal to see a live cow race.

For more information on the fast growing sport of cow racing, please visit the Mid-Michigan Cow Racing Association homepage at

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