different people have different habits in conversation (duh). In early January, 1999, I had a long telephone conversation with a woman who knew how to talk to men, where I was schooled on a particular failure mode of the interactions between conversational styles:

(excuse the appearance of sweeping generalizations. Mentally insert 'many' and 'may tend to' at the appropriate syntactic junctures)

  1. men talk until interrupted
  2. men interrupt in order to identify. You say you went fishing, and another guy will start a story about how he went fishing too. He'll go on until he's interrupted.
  3. women will pause to wait for encouragement. If encouragement is not given, the thread dies.
  4. women tend not to interrupt, unless they're pissed off. They won't chime in to identify.
The sad result of this is that the man comes off as a blabbermouth and the man learns nothing about the woman, and it is then assumed that she is stupid or shallow.

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