Short for "complimentaries", comps are the "rewards" one gets when gambling at a casino. They range from discounts and buffet passes to cash, free rooms, and plane ticket reimbursement. It's all based on how much one bets, and for how long.

From what I've heard, the best way to get comps is to ask for them. Pit Bosses have discretion in giving comps, and the worst that can happen is that they'll tell you that your level of play is not sufficient. Make sure you ask at the table, and before you're ready to leave.

Similarly, for larger comps, like free rooms, ask the casino host. He/she will have access to your play for the trip, and will usually do something for you. Again, don't ask as you're leaving the hotel, suitcases in hand. It's not the best bargaining position.

Remember, comps are not given because the casino likes you. They are incentives for you to gamble, and lose, more money with that casino. You shouldn't change your play for comps, since their value is a small fraction of the amount you have to risk. However, if you're gambling anyway, you might as well get a little something extra.

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