Baseball term for when a team uses a single pitcher for the entire game, without any relief pitchers.

Complete games were extremely common in the early days of baseball. In fact, all of the top 100 single-season individual complete game totals took place in the 19th century.

Will White holds the all-time single season record for complete games with 75 in 1879.
Cy Young has the career complete game mark with 749.

With the many changes to baseball over the last 125 years (including rule changes and the rise of the relief pitcher, among many others), complete games are much rarer nowadays.

For example, David Wells led the major leagues in complete games in 2000, with 9.
Through 2000, Roger Clemens is the active career leader, with 116.

Both Young and White's records are among the least likely to ever be broken.

In baseball statistics, CG is the abbreviation for complete games.

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