The CD version of the game Quarantine came with a soundtrack featuring 11 Australian bands. The track listing is given if you complete the game but only for about 5 seconds in the credits. I started off indifferent to it, but after many hours of gameplay it was burnt into my brain and I can't imagine playing without it. Running people over as Custard sings "dance with me, you are so pretty" in The Wahooti Fandango was an hilarious thrill that never wore off. Anyway here is the track listing:

  1. Berlin Chair - You Am I
  2. The Driver Is You - The Fauves
  3. The Wahooti Fandango - Custard
  4. Ingrown - Smudge
  5. Lie Down Forever - Godstar
  6. Snail Trail - Screamfeeder
  7. Uranium Watch - The Daisygrinders
  8. Weak Will - Underground Lovers
  9. Whirlwind - Hellmenn
  10. Yellow Beam - Crow
  11. Now You Know - Sidewinder

source for track list:,96/

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