Waiting List For Moon Flights

MIAMI, FLa. (AP) - The waiting list for tourist flights to the moon increased to 168 Friday as three American astronauts returned from man's first moon orbit.

Pan American World Airways said it had been recording and acknowledging each reservation in hopes that the airline will be first to develop space travel for tourism and business on a lunar route.

This was on the front page of the Central Illinois newspaper "The Daily Pantagraph" on Saturday, December 28, 1968. I guess things haven't changed much. We all still dream for this, don't we? I wonder if that list of reservations still exists somewhere.

With the July 2001 announcement of the intended flight of a second space tourist (Thawte Millionaire Mark Shuttleworth), here is a list of some companies involved in commercial launch vehicles.

Rotary Rocket Company

Developed the ROTON, a reusable capsule with propellar blades to allow a gentle controlled decent. The company liquidated in 2000 after several succesful test flights.

Beal Aerospace

Texan company started by a millionaire hobbyist in 1997. Beal designed a traditional rocket engine with more thrust than the Saturn V. Beal Aerospace liquidated in October 2000 shortly after a succesful test of the BA-810.

Kistler Aerospace

Private rocket engine manufactureres. Awarded contract for NASA's second generation reusable launch vehicle June 2001.


Company with track record of custom aircraft design and rocket design. Xcor succesfully performed a manned-flight of the EZ-Rocket in July 2001. This vehicle has potential suborbital transport applications.

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