The cliff house sandwich is a hearty sandwich, served hot and I first came upon it at Aristocrat's, the famous Filipino restaurant that has been owned and operated by Alex and Engracia Reyes, SR and then eventually his heirs.

It basically is a triple decker clubhouse sandwich filled with chicken strips, bacon, ham, and other meaty fillings and then dipped in a special batter, flour, and then finally bread crumbs before finally being deep fried to a beautiful golden brown color.

It is served with cheese sauce and is simply delectable with any sort of sweet drink, be it warm or cool.

The name, concept, method, and product is, as far as I know, a Filipino first and in fact has been filed for patent with the Philippine Government on the 17th of February 2003 under patent number 42003001385. It is still pending up to this date.

Next time you are at Aristocrat’s, of course the good old chicken barbecue with their java rice and jave sauce (also patent pending) will be there but give the cliffhouse sandwich a try and you’ll know why some eating establishments stand the test of time. Aside from doing that, give me a call too so we can have a nodermeet.

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