Classics involves long hours of schlepping through endless Caesar and Martial and Herodotus and (if you go to a Christian university) some New Testament. Fall behind and get snowballed with work.

Students usually choose a Classics major after completion of intermediate Latin and Greek language courses. I strongly suggest completion of intermediate courses before delving into the advanced stuff. Make absolutely sure you master slower placed work. I did not heed this sage advice, and plunged into studies without the strongest footing.

Classics departments commonly have excellent student-teacher ratios (4:1, 6:1) instead of massive Psychology lecture halls. Professors are very accessible and frequently give tutorials. Since the departments are small, many times great Christmas parties and what not transpire. Full bar undergraduates!

cave puer nerd qui rum et Coke cum alacritate bibit, ne vomeret inter pedes! Wear your sneakers next time.

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