The BDSM community's version of the Horny Net Geek. The word originated as "CHDW" for "Clueless Heterosexual Dominant Wannabe," but the vowels were added for ease of pronunciation and worked their way back into the written abbreviation. (A guy called "The Horseman" says at that he originated the term in 1994, but since then has seen gay and/or female clueless wannabes. However, it seems the straight guys are enough in the majority that the term is still used mostly to refer to them.)

"He is blissfully unaware of the nuances and elegances of dominance and the emotional responsibility involved. He just thinks that it would be really cool to like, order chicks to give him blow jobs." has a list of things to do to get this label which includes:

  • "Proclaim your dominance to the world at large
  • Confuse "Dominate" and "Dominant"
  • Look for young hot bisexual babes who are inexperienced
  • Insist they obey "NOW!!!"
  • Better yet "NOW BITCH!!!"
  • Make sure you have a good title. Lord isn't enough. Lord Master Granddom is close. Add in a Sir and maybe another master to be sure."

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