A multi-exposure photograph.

A chronophotograph shows overlapping pictures of something in motion. Usually the things it shows are happening rapidly, like a few seconds of a runner running or a bird flying. They can also be taken of slower things, like the sun moving across the sky, stars, or a plant growing. In these cases they may be taken over a period of months. They can add a new dimension to a photographic subject by allowing us to see how it changes over time.

Chronophotographs were invented by Etienne-Jules Marey.

Chron`o*pho"to*graph (?), n. [Gr. &?; time + photograph.]

One of a set of photographs of a moving object, taken for the purpose of recording and exhibiting successive phases of the motion. -- Chron`o*pho*tog"ra*phy, n.


© Webster 1913

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