hey there, you
yeah, hey, it's been a while since you died.
yeah, you were there too,
how could I have forgotten?

you sure haven't. brother,
you look ate up
you white old bastard.

you still getting the runaround,

well see, funny story about that,
I heard the story about when you died
from a friend of a friend
of the guy who came in to
pluck your ass out in a sling.

it's a lot less funny,
the way they tell it, but then
they probably don't have
too many rise from the
grave like you did.

yeah see, they didn't even know it,
that's why they kept pounding
on your fat ass
because they thought you were still
doing enough bleeding on your own
to bet on your heart still
thump thump thumping,
too quiet under the
rotor wash.

are you still peddling that shit
about the white light at the end?

they say you become one with the universe,
when you die. so, is it true? did you become
one with all, only to wake up in that
metal bed with the ugly nurse and the
surprised doctor?

how disappointing for you,
but fuck you,
I'm glad you didn't shuffle it off
quite yet.

let me buy you a beer and
you can buy the next and
we can take turns bitching
like a couple bitter old ghosts.

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