Cable modems, for example, return through SNMP various values in a unit that is "in tenths of a dB." For example, the RFC 2670 MIB reads, in part:

            DISPLAY-HINT "d-1"
            STATUS       current
                "This data type represents power levels
                that are normally expressed in dB. Units
                are in tenths of a dB; for example, 5.1 dB
                will be represented as 51."
            SYNTAX       Integer32

Now, this seems rather silly. We don't have all these SI prefixes for nothing. Centi means one one-hundredth, or one-tenth of deci which is one tenth. So, let's do something sane for once, and all use cB's.

And, while we're at it, I'd like a 5 YBi antenna for my WAP11. Thanks!

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