An affliction which is most prevalent among adolescents, and the depraved. It manifests in momentary blindness, temporary hearing loss, and increased salivary output. The field of view of the afflicted shrinks to encompass only the object of attention, be it a mirror, a television, or a partner "in the flesh", as it were.

A person "suffering" from CTS is characterised by attending intimate group functions, and sometimes -- however bizarrely -- desires to enter fits of depression with others, often called "getting down with someone". They are inclined to suffer from overheating and fatigue, often feeling the need to remove clothing to alleviate problems of personal temperature regulation, and encourage others to do the same. Too, they will often nestle into the laps or neck crevasses of another, and will complain of the need to go to bed. In severe cases, they will feel the need to be accompanied to the bed in case of collapse, and at times, held until they are able to sleep, a period sometimes in excess of three hours, in which sweating and twitching are likely to occur.

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