A poker term for a player who perpetually calls, meaning they cannot be bluffed

Also known as a sucker.

It is sometimes thought that the best way to play against a loose player is to play tight. This is not necessarily the case. Playing tight against a true calling station, may make you money, but if a calling station has any sense, he would realise that you were only playing when you had killer hands. Therefore, he may suddenly realise the error of his ways and either change style, or simply never play a hand against you. This could be to your advantage, but its generally a better idea to actually play a little looser against a calling station. If they are really calling with anything, then their hands are less likely to be quality hands, and you are more likely to play your weaker hands better than he. Attempting to bully a calling station may upset him, and result in him actually trying to beat you rather than having a good time.

For the sake of your bankroll never make your opponent suffer. Especially if he is a sucker. Otherwise he'll just walk away, or attempt to play well against you. This is rarely a good play. Keep him happy, and keep him betting. The fact you are playing more hands will make him happier, and you will obviously lose a few hands to him this way, but if you play well, you will win more money off him, regardless of how many hands he wins.

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