There was a series of TV commercials for Pace1 salsa that followed this format (not verbatim):

[People eating Pace but the bottle runs out. Someone supplies them with a similar bottle of another brand.]
Eater 1
Hey, this isn't Pace!
Eater 2
It's some other brand!
Eater 1
This salsa's made in New York City!
What's the difference?
Some Eater
Pace is made in San Antonio...
All Eaters people who know what salsa should taste like!

This phrase is occasionally used mockingly, therefore this commercial belongs in any good cultural meme database. For example, in a review of Jose's Mexican Food in The Tech2, Aaron R. Prazan writes:

Good indicators were the chips and salsa. This was not made in San Antonio by people who know what Picante sauce should taste like, but obviously made right on the premises.

And in the online menu for Porche's Creole & Cajun Cafe:

All of our food is hand made by people who know what New Orleans style Creole food should taste like.

And some personal webpage3 describes San Antonio as:

...home of people who know what real salsa should taste like...

1: Thanks to the correction by an anonymous soft-linker.

2: Volume 116, Number 8, Page 7


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