Jackson,  Mississippi at 7 am on a damp Sunday morning is a very quiet place.   I can assure you,  after a brief stroll around the block of my hotel that all commerce is asleep and everything is closed,  even the stupid gas station convenience store.

I was under the false impression that there was a Federal Law that required them to stay open 24/7.    I need smokes and caffeine and the semi-warm brown water in the lobby of the hotel is not my idea of coffee. 

My signficant other is either asleep or hung over or a mix.  She will probably sleep till noon when God Fearing people will be up and around.  Repentant and groggy,  I expect, but ambulatory.    Until them I will just pace around the parking lot and count the number of late model cars that drive by me.   

As of 730 I was up to six. 

I should have finished off that bottle of Gin at 2 am and I would still be asleep,  too.  Which clearly is how Sunday mornings are supposed to be spent in this area code.  


Damn,  I mean,   Amen. 








thanks to moeyz for the title/ inspiration etc 

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