What up yo? Yeah, that's right, I'm talkin' to you fool. I just wish you can see me wavin' my hands around an shit while your sorry ass tries to figure out this damn recipe.

I was just readin' here about the protato and I figured fuck that shit, you sorry ass bitches need all the fuckin' help you can get.

You say you hungry as shit and wants to eat sumpthin’ right fuckin’ now? Damn fool, why didn’t you just axe me for the goddamn fuckin’ recipe in the first place. I got the most drive by shootingest mutherfuckin’ potato you’ll ever put in your motherfuckin’ mouth motherfucka, you know what I'm sayin? That’s why it’s called the motherfuckin’ brotato!” Fuckin’ aye!

This recipe comes right from Betty “Motherfuckin" Crocka herself so you know it gots to be good.

If you wants to eat a brotato first you gotta go to the motherfuckin' store and get yourself some shit to fix. Better yet, just send that mutherfuckin’ bitch whore you call your old lady

Yeah, that's right, you fuckin’ heard me.

Here’s what the fuck you need

2 large ass potatoes. No, I don’t what fuckin’ kind, all I know is they come from Iowa or Idaho or some shit.

Some cut up a steak, lots of it, ‘bout 8 pieces should do it, you know what I’m sayin?

Some motherfuckin’ bacon – don’t be messin’ with no goddamn bacon bits either. I’ll shoot your dumb ass you come home with that shit.

Some steak sauce…no no no , better yet, make that barbecue sauce, uh huh, yeah

A stick of butter, not that fake shit either, I'm tellin ya, you come home with that fake shit and I'm gonna send your sorry ass right back to the motherfuckin' store.

Shredded cheese. How the fuck do I know what kind? It’s your fuckin’ potato. Daaaamn, I gotta do every fuckin’ thing?

Get whatever the fuck a dollop of sour cream is and then get four more of the motherfucka’s

Jives???? What the fuck are jives? Man, don’t be doin’ me like that. That ain’t fuckin’ cool man, serious, you know what I’m sayin?

A six back of brew. Fuck that, make it twelve. Heh, yeahhhh, that's right.

Here’s what the fuck you do

Heat the motherfuckin' oven up to 4000 degree’s…Whats that? It don't go up that high? Oh shit, I meant 400. Sorry man

Poke some holes in the goddamn potatoes with a fork and rub ‘em up with some olive oil.

Bake those motherfucka’s for ‘bout an hour, take ‘em out and lower the oven to 350, you know what I’m sayin?

While they bakin’ fry up that steak and bacon and crumble that shit up. Startin’ to smell pretty damn good, itin it?

Empty some of the barbecue sauce into a pan and put some fuckin’ beer in it and boil that shit up until it looks right to you. Oh shit, I almost fuckin' forgot, throw in a half a stick of that butter.

Cut them potatoes in half. No you fuckin’ idiot, the long way, not the short way. Damn fool!

Scoop out the shit inside and dump it into a bowl. Then dump in the meat shit and the Chives, (can’t fool me again motherfucka) and the fuckin’ dollops of sour cream an’ mix that shit all up you know what I’m sayin?

Once that’s done, scoop it out and start fillin’ in the potato skins with that shit. Don’t use your motherfuckin’ fingers fool! That shit’s hot.

Cover that shit with barbecue sauce and then cover that shit with the shredded cheese you know what I’m sayin?

Pop the motherfucka’s back in the oven for about 15 minutes or until all that shit looks like it’s all melted together and gooey as shit.

Crack open a few brews and gets yourself some utensils or eat ‘em with your fuckin’ fingers, I don’t give a shit, just save me some.

Source(s) and Disclaimers

This here recipe comes right off the shelf from Brutha borgo.

Later motherfucka’s, you know what I’m sayin?

Huh? What? You got somethin' to say? Go ahead and say it to my face...Yeah, I didn't think so.

Yeah, you know what, I know what you're thinkin' man and let me tell your sorry white E2 readin' ass that I ain't no fuckin' racist either you dumb motherfuckin' crackerhead piece of shit so just chill the fuck out and relax. I'm just waitin' to hear from my man, Cool Man Eddie that's all, you know what I'm sayin'?


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