You may consider this a drinking game, although it does not necessarily require alcohol (but is more likely to start when alcohol is present) nor is the purpose of the game to drink.

Gather a group of people. A mostly even distribution of sexes will probably work best in most venues (but don't be afraid to try new things!) Take the bottle cap from whatever you have been drinking. The person who goes first takes the bottle cap into their mouth, and then passes it on to the mouth of another person of their choice using only their lips, tongue, and mouth. This then continues until someone drops the cap, at which point you get mad at that person.

Love, fun, and mono for all!

Alternate Version: Line everyone up boy-girl-boy-girl before the game starts and pass the cap down the line. I think this is less fun and removes the chance for some hot girl on girl action (or hot guy on guy action, although that isn't my preference!)

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