A classification for workers who predominatly do manual or so called unskilled labor. Typically the classification for unskilled labor is a job which does not require or demand a college education. Blue collar work is more or less synonymous with the working class. The polar component of white collar. Sometimes used for describing things as crude and unrefined.

Excellent 1978 Paul Schrader crime drama about labor relations in a Detroit auto plant. Stars Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, and Yaphet Kotto as three auto workers who decide to rob their own union's offices. While they net little more than some incriminating files, the union claims to have lost $10,000 in the robbery. Incensed, the three blackmail the union -- triggering a response that alternates between seduction and violence. Think Animal Farm.

Blue Collar was Schrader's directorial debut.

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