Lumbriculus variegatus
is not a true bloodworm, so that is
a rookie misnomer
by most pet store owners;
'blackworm' is its proper status.

Called bloodworm,
the Chironomid midge's
larval form is no worm.
fly" would be more

Hosted by snails and by rats
and well built for hiding inside us,
Angiostrongylus cantonensis
quickly defeats the body's defenses
to give the host meningitis.
Now I know why I like cats!

If I were taking a global census,
few would say, "Lungworms delight us!"
They'd say right off the bat:
they would go nowhere that
murderous brain parasite is.
Bloodworms are not fun experiences.

Scolecids are polychaete worms,
bottom-feeding polychaete worms.
Appendages? none, and that's fine!
Good for you, worm!

Yours is a most elegant form,
the norm, in fact, for Annelids.
Scolecids are polychaete worms.
Good for you, worm!

Sometimes you have tiny eyespots.
Your head is often conical.
You eat undersea detritus.
Good for you, worm!

Glycera also
are polychaetes, mostly used
as cheap fishing bait.

Double Dactyl
Strongylus vulgaris,
keep it away from me!
Nightcrawling nematode
found on the farm.

Most pathogenic, this
Equine disturbance is
cause for alarm.

Iron Noder Challenge 2014, 14/30

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