Knee-high black boots, usually, but not necessarily, made of leather. They make any outfit instantly sexy, and give the wearer a pinch of bad-ass status.

My friends and I refer to these as hooker boots because when you wear them you look like a skank a good way. These things give you power, my friend. When wearing them, you have more confidence than you ever had dreamed of, and for some reason, every guy in the club wants to buy you a drink when the boots are paired with a black miniskirt, and the Penthouse model wants to take you and your Catholic school girl clad roommate to her orgy (if i were a lesbian, life would be great).

Never underestimate the power of knee-high black boots.

Another term for these boots is CFM, or Come Fuck Me boots for the simple fact that those boots are at the same time an invitation and a threat. She might want you to ask for her number, or she might be daring you to even try getting close. Either way, with shoes like that, you know she's a badass girl who knows how to work it.

Shoes like that mean one thing: Barracuda.

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