Big and tall is a classification of a clothing store or a section or department within a clothing store that caters to folks who are taller than average or are heavier, either due to build or obesity.

The Big and Tall stores are typically more expensive due to the economics of requiring more raw materials to construct and because of less volume of sales because of a smaller marketing target audience. The styles and fabrics are nowhere near as varied as the ones found in the normal sizes found off the rack in retail stores.

Of course, those of us who are larger than the average bear or taller than most others can appreciate that there are manufacturers that are willing to make clothing that fits us. For a long while it was difficult for me as a kid when I was wearing size 13 shoes and the department stores stopped at 121/2. Over the years I've dropped an inch from my height and several inches from my girth so I can now buy my clothes from any retailer

Iron Noder 2017

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