Bibble: vi., A term that refers to an emulation of a sound made by a crazed moron. The referent action is generally used in mocking disparagement of an argument or expressed opinion.

Although this word is quite effectively onomatopoeic, the best way to understand the referent sound is by producing it yourself. It is not difficult; a crazed moron can do it. Just follow the simple instructions given below. (It greatly helps to try to make the face of a crazed moron as you attempt this, and it does add nicely to the final effect once you succeed.)


  1. Purse your lips somewhat loosely as when preparing to kiss a cheek or forehead.
  2. Make a loose fist with your dominant hand and then extend the index finger of that hand straight out as in an act of accusation.
  3. Bring your stiffened index finger up to your lips so that it is parallel to the mouth crease and the top of the joint nearest the fingernail touches the lower lip rather lightly, just under the overhang.
  4. Flip the index finger smartly upward so that it pushes upward on both the lower lip and the upper lip. Done right, this will result in a satisfying 'blop' kind of sound as your upper lip drops free of the finger and flops back down onto the lower lip.
  5. Now flip the index finger back down smartly across both lips in the same way. You should now hear an equally satisfying second 'blop' or perhaps a similarly satisfying 'blip' sound in answer to the first.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 a number of times until you get the right 'blop-blop' effect. (This may take some practice, as success depends on critical positioning of the lips and stroking of the finger.)
  7. After mastering the technique described above, you are ready to add voicing to complete the bibble. Do that by parting your lips ever so slightly and saying 'uh' without stopping. You might want to take in some extra breath in preparation.
  8. Finally, combine the voicing with some fairly rapid lip-flapping.
Having followed the instructions and practiced sufficiently, you should now be able and prepared to bibble on any appropriate occasion. Now go create a YouTube demonstration from this writeup and link it to here. If you still cannot bibble, seek the help and advice of the nearest crazed moron.

Examples of usage:

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