The bhang lassi, widely known as "special lassi," is a beverage sold in India. It can best be described as a hash smoothie. Its ingredients are curd, a yogurt-like drink, bhang, a hash-like marijuana product, and sometimes bananas and coconut. Its effects are slow in coming and will knock you the fuck out. Once I lost my way in a town with two streets after drinking one of these, and spent the afternoon convinced that everyone I spoke to was trying to get in my pants.

I've heard it said that bhang lassis are widely drunk on Holi. They are otherwise available in regular and strong varieties, and sold in the finest of tourist traps.

A homemade variety of this drink could be approximated with yogurt, where curd is unavailable (try an Indian grocery), hash (should you be too lazy to try making bhang), honey, banana, coconut shavings, and a blender.

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