I have been in only three bicycle accidents in my time riding (not counting childhood). The first two were wiping out in gravel (my bad) and colliding with a fellow cyclist who ran a stop sign. I was also "bumped" by a city bus once.

The scariest bike accident I have had, though, was being "doored". You know what I mean: I was cycling along and somebody opened the door of a parked car right in front of me. There was no time to swerve and avoid it, so I winged the edge of the door with my handlebars, flipping over and onto the cold, wet asphalt in front of said car. I was lucky to escape with just a dislocated clavicle, and minor damage to the bike. However, I came within a few centimeters of having my fingers severed, and the shit was scared out of me but good. Now I am very nervous biking past parked cars.

BE CAREFUL. A cyclist could be killed in a car door accident. All you (driver) have to do is LOOK. All you (cyclist) can do is WEAR A HELMET!

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