I wrote this the other night right before a huge thuderstorm hit the area.

The trees seem uneasy
silent for awhile, the wind makes them restless
like a kid dancing in place because he has to pee
The neighboors open and close the screen door
the air smells sweet
The windchimes join the trees in their swells and brakes]
rumbling and old pickup slides past, the lights outlined in the heavy humidity
a constant background noise, static or a waterfall
my cat meowed which he hardly ever does
another car slides by, like numbers in a countdown
the static is turned up

The sky is lumminess, black branches and leaves are constuction paper cutouts on a dim light box
Swells are much bigger
houses black and white, dim with warm windows
a couple porch lights, lighthouses for mariners hopefuly coming home
someone elses cat wants to be heard and releases a volly of meow like noises
one small miniscule drop of rain (like god tapping the plunger of a hypodermic needle at 50,000 feet) hits my hand
maybe I just imagined it, maybe the the rain isn't coming
A car rolls by
People are hurrying from car doors slamming to screen doors slamming

The wind swells
I wait
What if their was no storm
Street light at the corner of this suburban street makes the sidewalk look technicolor compared to the black and white everywhere else
A car runs over a pop can the double sound of both wheels on one side hitting it
Sound so distinct, it could be nothing else
another car going the other way runs it over again just 20 seconds latter, same sound
A propeller plane drones on high in the air bouncing on the tides of the sky

I wait
A swell comes up the loud hissing sound moving the trees again
The tree in front of the porch i'm on has dead branches, science book half revealing the inner workings, no leaves on the dead parts
the humid air so warm and heavy it gives the wind more possibility
A couple guys walking talking in arabic, it sounds like an explaination
A car rolls by, bright red brake lights, a wake of color
If only the rain would come

A small Dearborn suburban street May 12th 2000

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