I have noticed that many conservatives believe liberals are people who haven't been potty trained. The first time I heard this (it was a lecture by a guy from Accuracy In Media who had been misrepresented to many on-campus groups in an attempt to sponsor him) I was stunned that people would think such a thing.

At least now, I think I know why. The concept is that liberals are without the basic sense of social order that conservatives are trained with from the beginning as part of their breeding, and apparently they consider part of that breeding toilet training. Liberals, by contrast, are apparently raised by eco-terrorist hippies who are living in filth and not providing any structure to their children, and basically let them spray their personal waste whereever they may be. Hence, the concept that when in their bed, they would wet it; thus, bedwetting liberal.

I think this is one of the biggest problems with many conservatives--they honestly believe that the average liberal has this little structure in their lives and personal interactions. Nothing could be farther from the truth--it's only by being orderly and examining society that you realize a conservative viewpoint can't deal with the breadth of reality. It has nothing to do with incontinence.

The idea of bedwetting liberals makes me crap-flinging mad.

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