The Bedazzler, along with the crimper, is one of my favorite inventions of the 80's. They cost around $9 and are very easy to use. If you have ever wanted a neat-o homemade t-shirt the Bedazzler is the tool for you!

With the Bedazzler, you can place silver studs, rhinestones, reflective jewels, and various other adornments on any article of clothing or on a hard surface. Possible projects could include the following: decorative socks, authentic disco stu jacket, retro computer desk, jean hats with big fake jewels, shirts with naughty words on them...basically anything your mind can dream up.

Alas, the Bedazzler is no more. In the world of high-fashion and fast money, the Bedazzler is an outcast and has replaced by the new-fangled BeJeweler. I don't know about this contraption, but the name conjures of images of white trash to me. Stick with the classics.

But there is hope--you can still find working (and non-functioning...) Bedazzlers at any flea market and there are always a few on eBay. Refills and parts can also be bought through the same channels.

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